Hiring a designer

There is not any minimum period, you can even hire a developer for few hours.

The number you are looking to hire, we are able to fulfil that work force. We normally have reliable, honest and dedicated developers available at our office. But if we don't have resource available we can hire the developers anytime.

We have dedicated designers & developers from 2 year to 5 years. In terms of profile, They can work as Assistant Developer, Software Developer, Senior Developer, Project Leader, Project Co-ordinator and Project Manager.
No, we cannot provide dedicated developer for hourly basis in your time zone. But if your time zone matches ours or its nearby to +5:30 GMT, we can surely provide you dedicated developer on hourly basis.
Yes, you can hire the dedicated as per your time zone but it will cost you more and you must hire him at least for three month for full time.

We have a team of dedicated and professional developers who knows customer/client is the king to be targeted for which we provide high quality service on time at affordable prices.

Some of the points which make us different are as follows:

  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • 24x7 Availability
  • Honesty, Transparency and Commitments are our tonic
  • Ready to sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)
Utilizing our services will help you to reduce your expenses. It will decrease the burden of managing a team at your premises and no expenses for infrastructure, Equipment, Leased internet Lines etc. You have to pay once for the work you need to be completed. We'll take care of their salary, work stations, expenses, timing, holidays and associated issues etc.
  • Qualified programmers to work with you.
  • Multitalented in newly developed programming.
  • Good quality development skills.
  • Affordable rate that is within your budget.
  • Programmers will work as your in-house team.
  • Complete control over your projects flow from starting to end.


Yes, we don't display wrong data as it is a matter of trust.

Yes, we offer onsite developers staffing, but in this case, we discuss the entire scenario. If it is really needed, then we send developers onsite however the rates and other things will increase accordingly.

Yes, we have agency rates on the basis of Amount. We have different percentage level and you can avail advantages on the basis of that amount range.

Yes, we design the layout on the basis of Desktop PSD and then, we will send it to you for approval. Once, it gets approved then we will start the conversion process.

If you have a plan to make this page responsive, then it's better to inform us about this in the beginning of the development process, so that we will do HTML in percentage, not in fixed width. In this way, we can easily handle it in responsive in future development.

Yes, we have option to try the developer for 1 week at low-cost as per your trial request. If you are happy, then you can continue with the same developer as per the above described model.

If your order is time-sensitive, Let us immediately know and we will look into expedited delivery possibilities and update you soon.


Our Hourly rate starts at $8 per hour

All prices are in USD (United States Dollar).

All prices are in USD (United States Dollar).

We use paypal basic as our default payment system. So you can pay us using your paypal account or using your credit card supported on paypal. Also we accept international credit cards transaction using EBS payment method and also support wire transfer direct to our bank.

To be very frank, Its a rare case but if you are not satisfied by our service we guarantee to issue you a full refund when you request.